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Our values

I love to work with this bright team because I can rely on them even in the darkest times.

Max Sysenko

Team Manager

I want to apologize to recruiters for not answering their proposals these 8 years, I really don’t need another job.

Anton Shiferson

Head of Digital

6 years ago in this company, I started as an office manager, but thanks to professional growth and the support of colleagues, I was promoted to product owner.

The company provided excellent working conditions and development opportunities, which made my career in this field incredibly interesting and successful.

This is a company where I found not only excellent opportunities for professional growth, but also a friendly atmosphere that inspires me to reach new heights.

Kate Sedykh

Product Owner

I’m lucky to work in a team that fosters growth, innovation, and a sense of belonging, making every day a rewarding journey towards success.

Rita Dyvnych

Software Engineer

Working at this company reminds me of those times when you and your friends come together to do something truly heartfelt.

Alex Chernenko

Head of Engineering


Some people think that music taste says a lot about a person

Playlists illustration

We collected a big playlist where every Techery band member shared a few tracks of his favorite music.

Turn on, make it louder, and maybe this will help you to know more about us instead of texts that you just scrolled up.

Our main hubs are located in Ukraine, Georgia and United States

Hub in Kyiv Ukraine
Hub in Dnipro Ukraine
Hub in Lviv Ukraine
Hub in Tbilisi Georgia
DallasUnited States
Hub in Dallas United States
Los AngelesUnited States
Hub in Los Angeles United States

But it doesn’t really matter to us whether you work from home, or from the office.

We give our people the freedom to work where they are more productive but hope for their responsibility, availability, and self-management.

We’ll give you full support if you wish to relocate from your city and join us in open offices.

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We are also super-friendly to your pets and will be glad to see them in our working spaces.

Get an access to new opportunities, friends, freedom, and weird photos from our corporate parties.

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