Alan McIntosh

CIO of Plexus Worldwide

Vern Weitzman

CEO of Cira Sync

Plexus Worldwide
Sunrider International
Verizon Connect

Needle-Moving AI Initiatives for Enterprise

We help enterprises visualize, plan and build transformational software to keep them in the lead.



In order to help a well-established large company transform, we start by doing a full system audit we call “The Architectural Review”. When we are done we will know exactly where we stand in terms of tech.



Now that we have our ducks in a row, we can plan “the Leap” with confidence: creating roadmaps, visualizations, discussing module priorities and their ROI, setting delivery expectations, etc.

It’s vital to get all stakeholders involved at this stage.



Our clients come to us to get unprecedented predictability. What differentiates Techery is that we give our clients peace of mind: full confidence in their plans.

It’s rooted in how we build camaraderie with client’s teams, how easy it becomes to predict future releases and how we step up when our customers need us most.

Gareth Hooper

CIO of Sunrider International

The Architectural Review

After 15 years of working with global CTO/CIOs we know exactly how to help big businesses transform. As part of Discovery phase, we do a full systems audit before moving forward.

As you imagine, this service is in high demand, so the number of spots is limited.


“Good work and good partnership speaks volumes. Techery is continuing to do great work and exceed expectations”

Sol Rashidi, CAO at Estée Lauder Companies Inc.