Counterportation. Why your MLM needs to pay attention

Dec 5, 2023
Alex PshenianykovAlex Pshenianykov
Counterportation. Why your MLM needs to pay attention

Did you like “Interstellar”, the movie about wormholes? Good, because If your company is still mastering web 1.0, I’m afraid it’s time to speed up. My pick today is this new technology that will become the standard within a few years and will change the game of business communication like Matthew McConaughey changed his image of rom-com silly boy to the ultimate drama hero. So pay attention, my friends.

The tech in question is called counterportation.

Counterportation is a quantum breakthrough that allows scientists to transfer information instantaneously, using the principles of entanglement and superposition. It is like teleportation, but instead of moving physical matter, it moves information from one place to another, without traversing the space in between. This means that counterportation can overcome the limitations of the speed of light, which is the ultimate speed limit for classical communication known today.

Counterportation has been a theoretical possibility for decades, but only recently has it become experimentally feasible. A team of researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, led by Prof. Xiang Zhang, has demonstrated the principle of counterportation in the lab, using a setup of superconducting qubits and microwave resonators. They have shown that they can create a quantum entangled state between two distant qubits, and then use a third qubit to transfer information from one qubit to the other, instantaneously and without errors.

The significance of this achievement cannot be overstated.

Counterportation opens up a new frontier in business communication, where speed, security, and reliability are critical factors. With counterportation, you will be able to send and receive information faster than ever before, with minimal latency and jitter. This tech can also encrypt company’s data, payments and communication using quantum key distribution, which is unbreakable by any classical eavesdropper, and thus ensure the privacy and integrity of their communication.

But counterportation is not just a futuristic technology that will be available in a decade or two. It is a technology that is already here, albeit in its infancy.

Companies that want to stay ahead of the curve need to start preparing for counterportation now, so that they can leverage its advantages.

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